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Doors are a big part of the interior of your home. Closets, rooms and exits are all around the home and are enclosed with a door. So, what can you do to make the doors an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home? My blog contains tips that can help you choose, decorate and position doors that will have a positive impact on the appearance of your home. Hopefully, you will find some ideas that will work well in your home to create something beautiful where it was once a traditional, boring door just doing the job of dividing two spaces.

3 Things You Need To Know About Handicapped Door Openers


If you are opening a business that is accessible to the public, you need to make sure that everyone is able to access your store. One way to make your store easier to access for individuals with a handicap, physical impairment, or small children starts with the door to your business. Installing a handicapped door opener will make your business more accessible for a variety of different customers. Here are a few things you need to know about handicapped door openers.

#1 Handicapped Door Openers Don't Have to Impact the Operation of Your Door

Older models of handicapped door openers made your door heavier and harder than a similar door without a handicapped door opener. However, that is no longer the case. You can now purchase a door opener where the arm of the opener only makes contact with the door when the button is pushed.

At all other points in time, the door will open easily. It will not feel heavier or require more force to open. If the door where you want to put the opener is used manually all the time, make sure that you purchase a door opener whose arm only engages with the door when the button is pushed. With this type of set-up, you need a door closer on the other side of the door.

#2 Handicapped Door Openers Can Handle Exposure to the Weather

If your door is not in a covered area and is exposed to the elements, you can order a handicapped door opener that is able to withstand the elements. Just make sure that when you order your door opener, you choose a door opener that is designed to be installed outside. Do not install an inside opener on an external door; it will not have been made to withstand the moisture it will be exposed to.

#3 Handicapped Door Openers Work on All Types of Doors

Handicapped door openers are designed to work on a wide variety of door configurations. They will work on doors that are installed with right hinges and with left hinges. A handicapped door opener will work on push or pull doors.

The only exception is if a door swings in both directions. In that situations, you will have to install a stop on one side of the door so that it only swings in one direction in order for the automatic door opener to work.

Handicapped door openers are designed to work with a variety of door configurations and both inside and outside. Handicapped door openers can be installed so that they don't impact the operation of your door. Just make sure that you work closely with the handicap door opener manufacturer, and let them know everything about your setup so that they can help you find the right opener for your business.

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22 June 2018