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Doors are a big part of the interior of your home. Closets, rooms and exits are all around the home and are enclosed with a door. So, what can you do to make the doors an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home? My blog contains tips that can help you choose, decorate and position doors that will have a positive impact on the appearance of your home. Hopefully, you will find some ideas that will work well in your home to create something beautiful where it was once a traditional, boring door just doing the job of dividing two spaces.

Choosing The Best Storm Panels For Your Doors And Windows


In many regions across the United States, storm panels are absolutely necessary to protect against severe weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes. There are many different types of storm panels for your windows and doors, and you will probably want something that is both durable and reliable. This is why you need to closely consider the various material options. However, you also need to decide if you want permanent panels or those that you attach before a storm hits. This article explains the drawbacks and advantages of the various types of storm panels:

Permanent Panels

If you want permanent panels, you will obviously want them to also be stylish. Permanent panels are convenient because you simply need to unlatch them and close them (like a door) before a storm hits. However, most homeowners don't want to have large, bulky metal panels on the outside of their home all year. This is why some people avoid permanent panels, especially in climates where the storms are more severe and larger, thicker panels are necessary. The bigger the panels are, the less decorative and stylish they become. Homeowners in more mild climates can get away with permanent panels that have a lower profile because they don't need to prepare for such severe storms.

If you do you have permanent panels, you want them to be made out of a reliable and waterproof material like vinyl or PVC. Wooden and metal storm panels are simply too high maintenance.

Temporary Panels

Temporary panels are better for homeowners who don't like the look of panels on their home all year. It does require a little bit of extra work to set up the panels in preparation for the storm conditions. The mounting brackets will be attached to your exterior year round, but they are small and discrete.

Also, you need to consider where these panels can be stored when they are not in your home. Temporary panels are usually less decorative and designed chiefly with utility in mind. That is, they are functional rather than fashionable.

Vinyl is probably the best material for temporary panels because it is lightweight and durable. Installing the panels before the storm will be too difficult since they are light and easy to handle.

Storm panels are definitely something you need if you live in certain regions. Make sure you protect your home and your valuables by either choosing a permanent system or temporary panels.


29 August 2017