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Doors are a big part of the interior of your home. Closets, rooms and exits are all around the home and are enclosed with a door. So, what can you do to make the doors an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home? My blog contains tips that can help you choose, decorate and position doors that will have a positive impact on the appearance of your home. Hopefully, you will find some ideas that will work well in your home to create something beautiful where it was once a traditional, boring door just doing the job of dividing two spaces.

How To Remove An Old Sliding Glass Patio Door And Replace It With French Doors


If you are tired of dealing with a sliding glass patio door that keeps jumping off of its rollers and causing you maintenance problems, then you will be pleased to know that you can replace it with french doors. While you need to remove both the window and its frame and this can be a bit of a project, you can purchase a new set of french doors that is already framed. Installing pre-hung french doors isn't terribly complicated and if you work slowly most homeowners can complete this project in a day's time. 

To successfully remove your old sliding glass door and replace it with new french doors, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Tape the Sliding Glass Door's Glass with Tape

Before working to remove your sliding doors, first, you need to secure the glass in case you accidentally break it. Using an inexpensive and very sticky plastic tape, place various lengths of tape all over the glass in a design like a spider's web. Once taped, if you accidentally bang a tool into the door and break the glass, then the tape will hold it together for safety.

Step 2: Remove the Movable Glass Door

To remove the moving glass door, find its screws at the bottom of the door. Take out the screws. Using window installer's suction cups, place them on the glass and then lift out the door. Store the door away from your work area to keep it from breaking. 

Step 3: Remove the Non-Movable Glass Door

To remove the other glass door, remove the screws along its bottom and lift that door out using the same procedure that you used on the other door. Once again, move the door away from your work area.

Step 4: Remove the Door Frame

Remove all of the interior and exterior finish framing around the sliding glass door's frame. Now that the window's frame is exposed, you can see how to remove it. Using a pry bar and a large framing hammer, pry out the old frame by removing each of its attachment nails.

Step 5: Install the New Pre-Hung French Doors

Once you have the old window frame out, then you can insert the new pre-hung french door frame in its place. You will need to use some wooden shims and a level to make sure that the new doors are both level and plumb. Once the frame is in the correct position, then you need to attach it with screws to the framing of your home. Finally, you need to replace the finish framing on both the door's interior and exterior to finish the project.

Glass door installation doesn't have to be frustrating. Contact a qualified contractor for more information. 


25 April 2017