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4 Signs That Your Employees Are At Risk Of Injury Due To Your Factory's Overhead Doors


In your factory, overhead doors might be a necessity. They do make loading and unloading of stock and equipment easier, but they can also be very dangerous if they aren't used correctly. Since many workers are accustomed to using these doors on a daily basis, many don't think about the dangers that they can pose. However, there is always the potential of an injury in any factory where overhead doors are in use. These are a few signs that your employees are at risk of being injured by your overhead doors. 

1. The Doors are Not Easily Visible from the Door Openers

First of all, you should make sure that the overhead doors in your factory can be easily seen from the door openers, such as if the door openers are mounted on the wall. This might seem like common sense, but equipment can get in the way and make it impossible to see. Those who are pressing the door openers should have their eyes on the doors at all times to make sure that no one is underneath or around them when opening and closing.

2. The Area is Not Marked Off

If the areas where your overhead doors open and close are not clearly marked, someone could walk under them without paying attention and be struck by them. Therefore, you should make sure that the area underneath and directly around each door's path should be clearly marked. You can use colored tape or spray paint to mark the floor, and you can hang "Caution" signs to let passerby know that they should be careful.

3. Doors are Left Half Open During the Workday

Doors should never be left half open while there are people working on-site. Those who duck underneath doors that are partially open could be at risk of the door falling on them and causing injury.

4. You Don't Have Your Overhead Doors Professionally Inspected and Serviced

Your overhead doors should be professionally inspected and serviced according to the manufacturer's instructions. The frequency with which this will need to be done will depend on how frequently the doors are used, so consult with a professional, such as those at All Kind Door Services Ltd, who provides service and repairs for industrial overhead doors for more information.

As you can see, overhead doors can pose a risk of injury for all of your employees if you aren't careful. These are a few signs that you should make changes to prevent these injuries.


3 September 2015